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Research Station Grietherbusch

Research Station
Floodplain at the Lower River Rheine


The Research Station is situated in the floodplain area of the Lower River Rhine, near the border to the Netherlands. It offers optimal conditions for excursions e.g. to the flood plains and gravel pit lakes in the surroundings. Moreover, it is situated within an international protected area (Ramsar Convention) as the area offers broad opportunities for migrating birds (e.g. goose) to rest during the autumn/winter season.



Förderverein der Außenstelle Grietherbusch

Research topics

At the Ecological Research Station of the Institute for Zoology, ecological studies mainly on fish are conducted, focussing on model organism like perch and invasive gobies, migratory fish species like North Sea houting and eel, and fish communities in the Rhine and adjacent waters like oxbows and gravel pit lakes.


For questions or suggestions please contact: Prof.  Dr. Jost Borcherding



In brief ( in German)

  • Responsible body: University of Cologne, Zoological Institute, General Ecology
  • Present research: limnology of floodplains, fish-ecology in floodplains and gravel pit lakes, neozoans
  • Rooms: seminar rooms, laboratory
  • Equipment: tools for simple limnological outdoor analyses, drying oven, muffle furnace, 15 microscopes, 15 binocular loupes, reference library with comprehensive literature for determination
  • Accomodation: 2 shared rooms for up to 20 people, 1 double room, linen provided
  • Action period: all year round
  • Rates: -
  • Catering: self-catering, kitchen provided, 6 km to next shopping facilities
  • Activities outside of the subject area possible


The Noise Egg -
Testing the Effects of Underwater Noise on Aquatic

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Arndt

Universität zu Köln,
Biozentrum Köln
Institut für Zoologie
Allgemeine Ökologie
Zülpicher str. 47b
50674 Köln


Prof. Dr. Jost Borcherding

Ökologische Forschungsstation Rees
Außenstelle des Instituts für Zoologie der Universität zu Köln
Grietherbusch 3a,
Tel.: +49 2851 8130

Network of Biological Stations in Germany

The Research Station Grietherbusch is connected to a Network of Biological Stations in Germany